By their nature, size or location, the future building projects, or new infrastructures or reconfiguration of a new urban area are likely to have significant effects on the environment or human health and must be subject to an environmental assessment .

This assessment is a process where the project owner describes and defines the direct and indirect significant project’s effects of the on environmental factors.

Among the different topics covered in these studies are the climatic factors are the main concern.

As a precursor of urban microclimates computed by a CFD approach and our knowledge of the associated physical phenomena, OPTIFLOW conducts studies to quantify and analyze the negative and positive effects of the project on its environment, in the short, medium and long term, but provide also an analysis of the cumulative effects due to the new project over the existing or future buildings.

These studies may, in particular, concern the following various aeraulic and solar problems;

  •  Project impact on the pedestrian comfort of public spaces
  • Project impact on the aerodynamic loads exerted by the wind on the neighboring structures
  • Project impact on the increase or decrease of convective heat losses due to the wind
  • Project impact over the solar availability on the neighbourhood
  • Project impact on solar exposure of the façades of neighboring structures