Because of the pressure differences between different openings of a building, the wind can penetrate deeply in a building, leading to severe “draughts”. This can result in a significant degradation of comfort for the users, both from a thermal and mechanical point of view, but also a sudden decrease of the energy performance

Problems of the same type can also affect the entrance or exit spaces , ie covered but widely open on the outside (train or metro stations, penthouse, shopping malls simply covered, market halls, covered stadium grandstands …).

Wind comfort needed in these areas is naturally much more higher than at outside and the impact of these air movements is essential considering over the thermal sensations of the people

OPTIFLOW provides computational services to reproduce the wind of flows with the complete geometry inclduing outside and inside spaces. These simulations allow to highlight these phenomena and to quantify the local airflow velocity inside a building or a covered area.

This approach is a major developpment key to adapt the design of landscaping and limit air movements and their consequences on the comfort people.

The results of these simulations can also be used to quantify the driven rain and snow “transported” by the wind inside the structure.