For twenty years now, OPTIFLOW regularly answer to specific requests of its customers in a variety of applications sometimes potentially different from its daily expertise.

We were thus led to work on new problems often requiring a top-level scientific upgrade pointed through a bibliographic research and reference benchmarks tests.

Illustrating these different contracts on this page is made difficult by the confidential nature of these studies, which are generally initiated in the design phases of the products concerned.

Here is an excerpt from the list of studies carried out

  • Airflow study of a blowing radiator
  • Aeraulic performances improvments of an electrofilter
  • Hydrodynamic behind a grid plan at the outlet of an open water channel
  • Analysis of a rocket jet flow exit at the level of launch site
  • Study of the thermal behavior of an electronic device
  • Optimization study of the aerodynamic characteristics of solar trackers
  • Study of the cooling of a LCD display panel
  • Study of the efficiency of a vertical axis turbine